Romantic encounter

It all started with a Sotheby's auction in the early 21st century. The pure and charming diamond aroused the obsession of Z Diamond's founding team. Since then, they have been searching for the purest diamonds for 20 years.

A journey for purity

The founding team, which gathered from advanced customization design, art collection, and even investment and finance industries, have since integrated resources to delve into diamond-related industries. For more than ten years, in order to find the perfect diamond, they have found from top-level cutting centers to well-known mining areas, from well-known mathematicians to the Lab-Grown Diamonds industry ...

"Twelve-process Diamond Reserve "

After picking the color, fire, and C content ratio of diamonds, what has gradually taken shape is a set of selecting, cutting, and grinding system that exceeds the international top jewelry appraisal standards. Under this system, only 0.01% of IIA diamonds, which is one in a thousand in the world, were selected after twelve strict processes, which was later called "Twelve-process Diamond Reserve ".

The World of Z DIAMOND

To the Future

Later, they hoped that such top pure beauty would meet more hearts and souls, accompanying them for a lifetime. So in 2015, Z DIAMOND, which bears their faith, was formally established. From the past to the present, to the future, the pursuit of the ultimate products will always lead Z DIAMOND forward.