Resplendent Heart

Pure diamonds and sincere feelings should not only belong to a few people. Z DIAMOND is obsessed with exploring the top diamonds and letting more people enjoy the ultimate beauty. Whether you want to encounter, or love, the heart-beating Z DIAMOND brings to you will always be with you for the rest of your life.

One and Only

There are no two identical diamonds in the world, like two people who have never been the same. Since birth, each diamond has their own characteristics, the content of each diamond makes them unique.

Extraordinary Ingenuity

Less than 1% of diamonds in the market can meet Z Diamond's high-quality cutting and grinding standards. The shining brilliance of a diamond is determined by the quality of cutting. We only cooperate with the world's top cutting and grinding centers which have first-class masters and craftsmen. 3EX's top cutting technique is our minimum standard to achieve the charm of diamonds.

Rare Treasure

Z DIAMOND is extremely persistent in the big rare high-quality diamond. We identify, study, and select again and again , only to find rare diamonds. With top-level cutting, grinding, and design, we finally present her extraordinary charm to the world.

Green Future

Z DIAMOND insists that diamonds should have a green future. Diamond reserve, we only choose moral diamonds without pollution, conflict, and ecological damage. We believe that in the future, green sustainability will be a necessity for every piece of jewelry.