In 2002, a pure and breathtaking diamond met several free souls at Sotheby's auction. From then on, they stepped on the way looking for top pure diamonds and the founding team of Z DIAMOND came into being. They integrated resources into diamond-related industries to find perfect diamonds.


Twelve-process Diamond Reserve

In 2009, our own standards for the selection of perfect and pure diamonds were established, with the traditional 4C identification process being improved into 12 complete processes. Stricter and more standardized than other international standards, the new standards include colorimetry, weighing and cut-off identification, etc. Under these rules, IIA diamonds, only 1% in the world, are the threshold for selection, and less than 0.01% of the top products are left after 12 processes. Famous for its strictness, it has been lauded in the industry as "Twelve-process Diamond Reserve "



In 2012, Lab-grown diamonds, crystallization of human wisdom, entered the public's eye. Major media were hesitant and curious about the new diamond which is exactly the same as mineral diamonds. After screening more and more diamonds, we found that CVD Lab-grown diamonds meet the high requirements and standards, so we started the market investigation on the quality, technology, and future sustainability of CVD diamonds. The results show that CVD diamonds will have a very bright future in the gem market. In the same year, we made rudder adjustments and decided to focus most on CVD diamonds.


Industry Benchmark

In 2014, we began to sort out and summarize our experience and knowledge accumulated during the past ten years, and integrated the optimized diamond selecting, cutting, and grinding technology into a brand-new, professional and complete system that surpassed the international top jewelry appraisal standards. In the same year, we began to investigate the global diamond industry and planned to set up an international brand with only pure diamonds.



In 2015, after a whole year's investigation and preparation, Z DIAMOND, the brand bearing our initial intention, was successively established in New York and Shanghai. In the same year, we cooperated with many well-known designers, striving to present the peerless beauty of the diamonds with outstanding charm.



In July, 2018, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) revised the definition of diamond, so as to justify the Lab-grown diamonds. Our team is very excited for our belief has finally made substantial progress. The public affirmation by international officials drives us to believe that the market for Lab-grown diamonds will soon usher in a thriving scene.


Z-class Diamond Era

On November 6th, 2020, a CVD diamond identified by IGI, 12.75 carats, F color, and VVS2 clarity, caught our attention. This diamond is extremely beautiful, bright, and gorgeous as if the embodiment of the goddess. It becomes the new symbol opening our Z-class diamond era.



From 2021 to the future, we will continue to explore for faith. We are convinced that the reason why top diamonds touch people is not just because of their sustainability, but their eternal purity and brightness, which attracts pleasure and joy. Let Z DIAMOND, who has a pure soul, carefully interpret every pure feeling, it will be our eternal belief.